Preaching among ‘the Dead’ Zelensky.


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From The Lost Art of Resurrection: Initiation, secret chambers and the quest for the Otherworld by Freddy Silva:

“From Phoenicia to China, the pagan world celebrated the hero who crosses into the Otherworld as a ‘dead’ man, only to rise as a god.

And yet the benefits of penetrating the veil into the Otherworld were beyond belief. Proclus himself describes how, having overcome the fear of the unknown, the prize that awaits is magnificent.

Having thoroughly purified him, the hierophant now discloses to the initiated a region all over illuminated and shining with a divine splendor. The cloud and thick darkness are dispersed: and the mind, which before was full of disconsolate obscurity, now emerges, as it were, into day, replete with light and cheerfulness, out of the profound depth into which it had been plunged.”


“This point in the initiation was called autopsia, ‘seeing things with one’s own eyes.’

If you successfully passed these tests you achieved a greater degree of self-consciousness, not to mention omnipotence and omniscience. Initiates who experienced living resurrection and successfully rose at dawn walked back into daily life with a sense of higher purpose, greater moral integrity, and reduced fear, practicing what they preached among ‘the dead.’

In ancient China it was normal practice for holy people to take flight from the body, fueled by alchemical narcotics, to wander through celestial spheres and sacred mountains. They even had an epithet describing sages who’d mastered living resurrection: “Ascended to Heaven at the height of the day.” The founder of Taoism, Lao Tzu, himself regularly left his body to “go for a stroll at the origin of things.”

Seven days later Viraf’s soul returns. He regains consciousness as though from a pleasant sleep and describes his Otherworld journey—how he crossed the Chinvat Bridge (Bridge of Separation) to be met by angelic beings who remark, “Welcome Arda Viraf, although you have come when it is not your time.”

Viraf also mentions traveling along a seemingly endless bridge and coming to a turbulent river, swollen by tears of lamentation shed by the living for those departed. This point is crossed by all souls, some easily, some with great difficulty. Viraf’s guide angel explains, “Tell the world upon your return that, when you are in the world, make no lamentation and weeping without cause, because it creates so much more difficulty and harm to the souls of your departed.”

which allowed them to see beyond the veil during initiation

In Greece, initiation into the Eleusinian Mysteries fell under the tutelage of the goddess Demeter, who is portrayed alongside a bundle of grain, often depicted in purple.

The cup contained a narcotic, most likely a distillation of ergot, a psychoactive fungus that takes on the appearance of a purple mold on cereal crops.

The administering of narcotics appears to have been an art in itself. And in contrast to pure shamanism, a low dosage was all that was required to deliver a calming state so that the hallucinogen became the vehicle into the spirit world rather than a device that influenced what initiates saw when they reached their destination.

If one of the purposes behind initiation was to experience the light body—the reconnection of the soul with the Source and, hopefully, its return to the body with insights—it stands to reason that the secret teachings leading you to that point required a privileged group that constituted a society apart.”

Jesus the Catholicized hero.

“Iao, god-man, nailed to a tree

Wittoba, god-man, nailed to a tree, and symbolized by a crucifix.

Yggdrasil, the World Tree, to which initiates were said to be ‘nailed’ after successfully completing initiation into the Mysteries.

Regardless of whether they were inventions serving a moral purpose or real-life individuals—and many cultures assert they were real—these heroes were merely reenacting the regenerative cycle of nature.

Global traditions show again and again how the rebirth of the sun as king was celebrated for three days after the winter solstice, when his accouchement with the Queen of Heaven—the Celestial Virgin—brought forth the infant savior in the first minutes after midnight on December 24.

Indeed the sun does appear to stand still on the same place along the horizon the three days around the solstice before reversing its course.

The light overcomes the dark of winter and the rebirth of life and land is ensured for yet another cycle.

From Native American rites of passage to the pilgrimages of Chinese seekers, the oldest rituals around the globe followed a near-identical prescription. Typically the quest began in a remote location, a place of solitude conducive to inner contemplation, followed by a period of sensory deprivation inside a secluded environment where, immersed in the cosmic world, initiates became aware of the purpose behind the universe they inhabit. Having arrived at a state of self-realization, they discovered the divine within themselves and returned to the body with a more informed view of doctrines to be adopted in daily life.

During their journeys into the Otherworld, initiates describe being “met by Shining Beings,” shown their origins before incarnation, given special knowledge, and offered guidance concerning the path they’d chosen in this particular lifetime.

Upon descending the mountain and returning to the tribe suitably enlightened, each individual was declared a “new-born one.””


“As a mark of his newfound CLARITY OF VISION and spiritual resurrection, the individual was bathed before entering into meditation for four days, eating sparingly, and avoiding meat for several months around the period of initiation.

He was also encouraged, after marriage, to help transmit the esoteric teachings to others.

Initiatory rites consisting of a simulated death and resurrection were generally offered to youths reaching the point of puberty


According to Avestan literature this high peak marks the location where wisdom is received by a person in a receptive state of mind. Returning pilgrims were described as possessing khvarenah, ‘divine glory.’

Zoroaster sought and attained illumination at Mount Ushi-darena where he mastered the secrets of nature. His disciple Asmõ-Khanvant was likewise initiated, whereupon he too attained spiritual wisdom. One of the fruits of these insights came in the form of the Avesta, the sacred literature of Zoroastrianism.

Mitra appears in Vedic literature around 2000 BC as a rejuvenating god, often paired with a female counterpart named Varuna, forming the principle of paired opposites like the sun and moon.

He was a solar chariot god, partook in a sacred meal, and his act of self-sacrifice was an example for others on the quest to find redemption for the soul, and thus victory over its earthbound existence.

Mitra’s symbolic color was red—the color of twilight prior to sunrise—and every December 25 he was reborn from a rock. A bright light in the sky heralded the event, drawing shepherds to the location whereupon they are informed of the importance of the event by a divine messenger. Other unspecified gods are also in attendance. His life was then celebrated a second time at the spring equinox.

Mitra was so influential throughout Persia that he was absorbed into the teachings of Zoroaster as Mithra.

The philosopher Porphyry of Tyre writes that temples associated with this cult were mirror images of the original grotto consecrated to Mithra somewhere in the mountains of Persia. Porphyry also notes how, during initiation, the candidate was presided by the moon or a lunar deity—which itself was equated with a cow or a bee, as were the priestesses in attendance who were addressed as bees. Preparation began with baptism followed by severe discipline of the body, sometimes by as much as eight different types of trials in which aspirants demonstrated their courage, mental fortitude, and mindfulness.

All these tribulations were intended to FACILITATE the candidate’s peaceful regeneration in paradise.

When they successfully reemerged from the door of the cave or chamber, initiates were deemed reborn from a heifer, declared resurrected, and thereafter represented by a bee.

Such traditions must have endured for a considerable time because evidence of their practice was discovered by Alexander the Great when he vanquished Persepolis in 330 BC.

The cult of Mithras vied with early Christianity on equal terms for five hundred years before one of its adherents, the emperor Constantine, replaced the hero of the story with Jesus, at a stroke elevating this newcomer from mere mortal into resurrected god-man. And yet hundreds of years before Christianity, Mithraism already embraced the theology and rituals now cherished by Christianity, among them the imbibing of wine as a metaphor of sacrificial blood, the partaking of a small loaf of bread or wafer bearing the sign of a cross (the Eucharist), and a last, sacred supper.

Much of what is known about Mithraism comes from late Greek and Roman accounts in the eastern Mediterranean and from temples in southern Italy that survived Christian persecution.”

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Preaching among ‘the Dead’ Zelensky

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